Company Profile:

Discover The Origins Of Confidence In Every

Step Of Your Beauty And Wellness Journey

3Q One Team, One Spirit, One Win

At 3Q, we stand as a beacon of beauty and wellness, redefining the way individuals approach their overall beauty and well-being.
Our journey is guided by a commitment to promoting a healthier and more balanced life for everyone.


We give our best to our users which have grown to an accumulated total of more than 25,000 to date.


We will be the first e-commerce company in Malaysia that attains the 10-year milestone in 2026.


We are committed to bringing products of the highest quality, effectiveness and prestige to our users.


Our primary objective is to provide
comprehensive beauty and wellness solutions
that empower individuals to take charge of
their look, health, and vitality. We believe that
true beauty and wellness encompassess
physical, mental, and emotional harmony.


To become the foremost e-commerce
company celebrated for promoting
beauty and wellness. By 2026, we
aspire to mark a decade of unwavering
dedication to beauty and well-being.


We are dedicated to provide an
exceptional entrepreneurial platform
that enables individuals to create lasting
value in their lives. Our community
fosters growth, collaboration and
beauty as well as wellness promotion.


We are committed to deliver
exceptional quality products and
services that elevate the beauty and
health as well as quality of life
for individuals worldwide. We aim to
be the trusted destination for
beauty and wellness solutions.

Our Core Value


We approach beauty and wellness with the highest standards of professionalism ensuring your journey is guided by expertise.


Our commitment to quality shines through in every product and servcie we offer, because your beauty and well-being deserves nothing but the best.


We stand by your side, providing unwavering support and resources to help you achieve your beauty and wellness goals.


Innovation is at heart of our mission, driving us to create cutting-edge solutions that transform lives.


We belive in your potential for growth, in beauty, in health, and in life, and we're here to help you flourish.


Achieving beauty and wellness means finding blanace, and we're here to guide you on the path to a harmonious life.


Together, we build lasting partnerships that empower individuals to create value and make a difference.

Credibility & Trust

Our reputation for credibility and trust is the foundation of our relationship with you, and we uphold it with unwavering integrity.

Our Strength

Productive Effectiveness

We believe that the world's best for of advertisement are from customer and from the actual effectiveness of the products. Therefore, our products are not only effective, it is also safe for consumption and use.

Support for Distributors

Our faith lies in creating a platform in empowering distributors from all walks of life to be able to earn a keep for themselves, to be financially independent and to be a Business Owner.

Fair Profit Growth Structure

Direct Sale structure where we operate like a Manufacturer to Wholesaler to Distributors and to Retail before hitting the End Consumers. You are no longer burdened by rental cost, staff cost or any facilities misc cost.

3Q Journey

With each milestone,
we write a new chapter in our story of empowerment and confidence

How We Started


- 3QQueen Established


-The first micro-business team in Malaysia to hold offline new product launch

-3QQueen won The 7th International Prestige Brand Award

-Invited by Malaysian Successful Women Magazine Interviewed Cover person of Ai Beauty Magazine

-SUSENJI sales volume exceeded 100k. The first e-commerce company to hold 6 million in sales within 6 months.


-3QSUSENJI featured on a major bulletin board in 5 different locations. The first micro-business company to be featured on up to three of the largest LED boards.

-Received The International Prestige Brand Award 2018


-Honored by International Elite & Quality Brand Award in 2019

-Awarded by IEBQA International Elite and Quality Brand Review Awards International Potential Brand of the Year Award


-SUSENJI MOFA+ being honored the Best Health and Slimming Brand Award for 2020


-SUSENJI SHAKE being honored by Asia Honesty Award 2022


-SUSENJI OLLIE being recognized by the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR)

Your Path To Radiant Confidence And Vibrant Health Starts Here.